Startup Synergy Program

Collaborate to innovate

Together with our partner, UpBeat, we designed the ‘Start-up Synergy Programme’. A corporate acceleration programme designed to solve real business problems with (emerging) technologies.

In the programme, we work together closely with start-ups and small companies to discover better solutions to improve our internal processes and the interaction with clients and business partners.

The programme combines Design Thinking and the Lean Start-Up methodology. We start with clearly-defined challenges and user stories. We spend time both listening and observing in order to thoroughly understand our colleagues’ (operational) problems and to ensure that we focus only on issues that will significantly improve their work and our customers’ lives.

Together with our internal and external stakeholders, we define a set of use cases that form the basis of our scouting activities. We invite young and innovative companies to collaboratively explore whether their solution or technology matches our use case. We usually need 2 sessions, an exploration sprint and a design sprint, to define our biggest assumptions and design an experiment.

The experiment is limited to 6 weeks so that we make sure everyone stays on track, we keep momentum and we keep the experiment as small as possible. We test our assumptions and validate the value proposition. The experiment’s positive outcomes are the proof of value we need to be able to continue to a pilot phase.

Use Cases

We are currently in the 3rd Synergy Programme and run a portfolio of experiments, pilots and implemented technology. Our legal department is continuously improving the interaction with our customers and optimising operations.

Time Tracking & Analytics

We want our 400+ legal experts to spend their time resolving customers’ issues, not tracking their time! That’s why we are looking for a time-tracking analysis solution.

Text Management

We need a solution which allows easy creation and management of documents such as contracts, emails, court documents and even faxes.

Contract Negotiation Support

To select the best external lawyers for our clients, our procurement department is constantly comparing price, quality and time spent on claims. We are developing a solution to support them in this area of their work.


Service Center



We would like to give our clients the opportunity to communicate with us at any given time and by whatever means, for example through our chatbot. We tested a chatbot with Watermellon and now run Chatbot Lisa on Flow AI’s platform.

Status: Live and continuously improving


Speech to text with Spraaklab

The ARAG Service Centre handles approximately 120,000 calls per year. Each conversation is being logged and we are looking for solutions to speed up that process. SpraakLab is the speech technology expert and ran an experiment with us.

Status: the experiment taught us that speech technology is not yet ready for our use case


Datumizer with Xomnia

How can we speed up the analysis of claims in our service centre? Xomnia developed a date-tracking support system in our experiment.

Status: Proof of concept is finished


Rejection letters with AI Applied

Each year we send 6,500 rejection letters to inform our customers they are not able to use our services for various reasons. We aim to halve the time spent on writing these letters. AI Applied therefore built a test model, a proof of concept and a pilot tool to develop this type of tool.

Status: on hold because the pilot did not bring us the increased speed we were looking for



Data analysis

As a B2B insurer, ARAG would like more insight into its end customers (the people using our legal services) to be able to optimise our services. Together with PRDCT and Consumatrix, we experimented with various data analysis methods.

Status: after the experiments, we established an internal data stakeholder group to outline the next steps.


SwipeGuide’s platform

ARAG wants to support our business partners sell legal insurance. We tested SwipeGuide’s platform as a medium to transfer knowledge.

Status: Pilot for a year



With 60,000 claims a year, how can we support our customers better and faster? We worked with LexIq to develop a tool focusing on work-related issues.

Status: MVP in development