Legal Tech Factory

Creating the future of Justice

The Legal Tech Factory is a corporate collaboration incubator aimed at solving real problems with new and exciting business models. Together with our partners, we offer a tailor-made programme and access to a wide range of customers, channels, partners, training and facilities to companies with new services or business models that are looking for a partner in order to scale up.

Tailor-made Program

We designed a process using venture capital processes, collaboration methods and partnership design. We co-designed a tailor-made programme specifically addressing the scaling needs for every startup.

We invite startups that are moving justice into the future with new technologies and promising business models, and which enable people to better to assert their rights, to collaborate with us in this incubator with a tailor-made menu for each participating company.

Scale as a Service

We focus on growth by providing Scale as a Service. We will spend up to twelve months connecting you with clients, partners and affiliates on an International level.

We use data and proof to further develop our collaborations. Every stage-gate has its own KPIs which form the thresholds for the next steps. Together, we ensure we are addressing real customer needs, targeting a big enough market, ensuring we have a great product and optimising the right features.

What we offer


Access to Market

ARAG has a large customer base which we can offer new services to. Furthermore, our B2B affiliates can also be a relevant market and we facilitate the interaction between them and the startup.


Access to Expertise

We offer a vast network of (internal and external) industry experts to enable your company to scale up.


Personal & Team Development

Personal and team development. It’s not only your business that needs to grow—you’ll need to grow too!



We have a budget for each startup to accelerate and create value for both the startup and ARAG.


Office Space & Coffee

You are very welcome to come to our Legal Tech Studio which is located in B.Amsterdam.




Contest your parking fine or speeding ticket quickly and simply.

Status: Implemented at ARAG and our partner CNV



Get your money back for a delayed flight

Status: Live with an increasing customer base

Logo Young Law Horizontaal

Young Law

Legal documents for entrepreneurs

Status: Live with an increasing customer base



Work more efficiently with Legal Software as a Service

Status: Live with an increasing customer base